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My name is Jim and I have known Coach Michael Taylor for quite some time. I have also had the opportunity to observe Michael as the Head Coach of my son’s baseball/basketball team and at numerous athletic showcases and camps. Mike understands young athletes and how to keep it fun, but also the discipline to get results. He understands the game and sports conditioning, is passionate about both, and communicates that knowledge and passion to his athletes and players, and the pronounced, positive impact he has on both the young athletes he works with and the teams he coaches is significant and obvious. Coach Taylor is an invaluable asset for our son. You will not find a better person or more qualified coach than Michael Taylor. Feel free to contact me with any questions.
– J Thomas
Fitness Management & Consulting

“I have worked with numerous strength and conditioning coaches and many different fitness programs throughout my baseball career. I can honestly say that working with Michael Taylor has been one of the best experiences regarding my development into a professional athlete. One of the advantages of working with Coach Taylor is that his workouts are designed to improve one’s physical and mental ability. One of the major positives that Michael brings to the table is his motivation and his unmatchable positive attitude. I admit that the workouts were far from easy, but the atmosphere created during the workouts is extremely inspiring. Speaking as a professional athlete, I can say that the benefits that I have obtained while working with Michael are vast. My personal improvement in terms of mental strength and stability since working with Coach Taylor has been valuable in my case as I am the captain of my current team. I still ask for suggestions and look forward to hearing Michael’s prospective. I will always be grateful for Coach Taylor’s efforts.”
– Michael Y

“As a student-athlete, I had a number of strength and conditioning coaches but no one quite like Michael Taylor. As I prepared for the past two seasons of my collegiate athletic career, I didn’t realize how customized a program could be to a specific position and type of athlete until I worked so closely with Coach Taylor. I thought I had been in the best shape of life before, but I realized I had so much more to give. Coach Taylor helped me reach a level of fitness that I didn’t know existed. The training program Coach made for me was very challenging both physically and mentally, and it prepared me to be confident and relentless once the the season arrived. Above and beyond Coach Taylor’s knowledge of strength and conditioning, he is passionate and intelligent. I know he puts in an unbelievable amount of work to come up with programs that suited my personal needs, as well as a program that suited my specific sport.”
– Stevie B

“Michael Taylor is one of the most influential people I have come across in my basketball career. He allowed me to find my potential and go beyond it. Even now when I think I can’t make it through a practice, I think back to my workouts with Coach Taylor. Even when I was physically and emotionally exhausted, he somehow willed me to keep going. Coach T is constantly finding new ways to give his athletes an edge over their competitors. Playing basketball overseas, I have come across athletes from all over and it is incredible to see how many exercises/drills they do incorrectly. A big thing Coach emphasizes is technique. Not only did he teach me many exercises to enhance my performance, but he also taught me how to do them properly in order to get the best results. Seeing how much further along I am in regards to strength, agility, and skill in comparison to the other athletes at my level. I now realize that all the hard work was worth it. Thanks Coach Taylor!”
– Trevor M

“Michael has always went above and beyond to support athletes of all levels. From taking care of our participants at special events to caring for our kids at our program sites, he’s always has been there taking time out of his schedule to help. He has been especially great in dealing with our kids and understanding the variety of issues they face. He’s always helped to put the kids at ease and helped advise them on the best next steps. It’s a huge help to our organization to know we can count on Michael’s professionalism and ability to relate to athletes of all ages!”
– Kevin S

“I have always considered myself to be a very active person and in-shape. I have always been active with sports and regular exercise my whole life, even into my adult years. I have even challenged myself with the craziness of the P90X & Insanity workout programs a few times. When Michael Taylor first came into our organization, I learned more about the core values of diet and life style changes that are a necessary part of having a successful fitness program. Incorporating this into my every day routine the past two months has been very rewarding. Not only have I seen noticeable physical results, but I sleep better at night and have strengthened my core. This has led to significant lower back pain relief and increased flexibility. Every workout that Michael runs is challenging no matter what level you’re at, very well-structured and balanced, and is a ton of fun to be a part of.”
– Doug D

“I have known and worked with Coach Taylor numerous times over a span of 14 years and can say without hesitation he is an outstanding basketball / strength & conditioning coach. From coaching me at the HS, Collegiate and professional levels, to his days at SMU, he has been the ultimate teacher and motivator of the game! He has tremendous knowledge and vast experience working with a variety of athletes at every level – from youth to professional.”
– Deron W


Dallas, Texas